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Relocations Reminders

Premium Moving with United, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

United Relocations only offers premium executive packing at origin and destination.

Prior to moving, following are reminders to pack.


Ensure that all caps, tops etc. are tightened to the bottle. Use tape to seal if necessary. Check the instructions or contact your doctors if it is safe to transport the medicines or other prescription items. Ensure that prescription medications are allowed in foreign regulations.

Kitchen Foods In-Use

Food items which are opened should not be packed and shipped internationally.

Coffee, salt, jam, etc., should be packed together. Note that only dried foods, tins and spices can be sent for storage, liquids, oils etc would not be acceptable. Enquire with your Move consultant if you intend to bring food as some countries forbid food importation.

Crockery & Cutlery

Ensure to wash the cutlery and crockery and dry them before packing.

Bedding / Linens

Remove all bedding s/ linens from beds and leave them folded on the mattress for easy packing.

Furniture Hardware

Place all hardware, remotes and important small items into plastic bags before placing them into the carton.
Dissemble inexpensive or self-assembled furniture made of chip board prior to transport.

Garden Equipment

Dismantle all outdoor portable sheds and clean all gardening equipments.

Entertainment Equipment

Remove all speakers, cords and wires from stereo, TV, computer and other electronic gadgets.

Best to place them in original boxes so that it will be fully protected nevertheless, for items without the original carton, cartons would be custom made to fit the item.

Money, Jewellery, Documents

The standard norm in any physical relocation, the insurance does not cover these items in the event of a loss or damage. We strongly seek your kind co-operation to self convey during the relocation.

Prepare important documents like passports, birth certificates and car insurance as they may be required for verification before or during the move. Leave a 'DO NOT MOVE' label on this carton and make sure that it is kept aside.

Gentle Reminders when Moving House

  • Make sure that all Take-With-Me list are loaded in the car/cab.
  • Have a final look and make sure nothing is left behind, interior of dishwasher etc.
  • Ensure that there are no leakage from the water taps.
  • Turn off the electricity at the main switch.
  • Lock all the windows.
  • Leave your new address in the old house.
  • Make sure that back, side and front doors are locked and tested.
  • Pass the house keys to the new owner, estate agent, solicitor or caretaker.

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