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Relocation Checklist

Two Weeks Before Moving

Finalise details with United on the dates for packing, moving, details of storage, insurance etc.

Notify government agencies / authorities /embassies about the change of address.

For residences under rental, inform the landlord or agent about the relocation.

Inform your children's school about the transfer of residence.

Gather children¡¯s school records, health booklet, immunization certificates etc for the new school.

Arrange redirection of mails to your new address.

Update your doctor, dentist and other medical specialists about the relocation.

Inform your change of address to your Human Resources personnel as well as service providers.

Clear supplies of frozen and perishable food products.

Apply for the termination of the utilities as well as transfer of the telecommunications.

Direct all home deliveries to new address


One Week Before Moving

Segregate the items that would remain in the residence and label them ¡°Do Not Move¡±.

Clean and tidy up furniture for the relocation.

Do a thorough cleaning to discard the household waste from under the kitchen sink, garage, laundry etc

Discard hazardous / flammable items.

Inform all relatives and friends about your new address.

Gather instruction manuals of household appliances for the new owner.

Redirect all deliveries or regular maintenance services to new address.

Clean all storage compartments.
Ensure that all electrical items are secured and safe to move.

Vacuum all rugs / carpets which will be moved to new destination

Clean and drain washing machine, refrigerator and dishwasher



On Moving Day

Ensure all valuables and important documents are self conveyed during the move.

Separate suitcases and essential items from being loaded onto the truck.

Turn off all utilities ¨C electricity, water and gas from the main switch

Have a final walk around the house to ensure that nothing is left behind

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