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Company Profile�C Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China

Registered in 1987 (RCB 198702438Z), in this era of customer��s expectations for a comprehensive range of services, United has put in proper perspectives to ensure an integrated relocation services without compromise. The Global Move Management team of United Relocations enhances the quality of physical moving of your personal and household effects. The Relocation Team assists in all pre-move look see programs, immigration services, school search and orientation services on ethnic communities, rights and liabilities, managing cultural differences, all these are the prelude to your shipments arriving to the country.

The One Stop Solution Provider from cultural assimilation to move management, United strongly believes that the benefits of these services will inevitably make your stay in Singapore a convenient and pleasant one.

In essence, the synergistic value of the Global Move Management and Orientation Services, will put your relationship at ease with United which is supported by its best dedicated, committed and passionate shareholding employees.